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Getting Starting

The Vermont Foodways Digital Initiative is a combination database and digital collection of materials related to the culture and tradition of food in Vermont. Due to copyright restrictions, approximately 10% of the collection is digitized; the database provides location information (Identifier) for accessing the remaining material in the collection. The majority of the materials come from the UVM Libraries Department of Special Collections.

To Search for Content:
Using the search box, you can search for a specific item or for a specific topic (e.g. maple).

To Browse for Content:
You can browse for content in a number of ways:

Reading an Item Record:
Item records within the resource are standardized using Dublin Core metadata. All records provide basic information for each item, including:

If the item is digitized and is an image (photograph, etc), you will see the image at the beginning of the item record. If the item is digitized and is a document, you will be able to access the full document at the end of the item record in the Document Viewer.