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This database was prepared as part of the Cultural History component of the Taste of Plate / Palate Project undertaken by the VT Agency of Agriculture in 2010. It is intended to provide researchers and others interested in the history of Vermont’s…

Gert reflects on her passion for farming.


002_womenspeak_ excerpts_duclos_katharine-hard_cider.mp3
In this account of her childhood in Braintree, VT, Katharine elaborates on the many roles held by apple cider.

Hunting is as fundamental to Vermont's cultural heritage as dairy farming, and its lineage reaches back beyond the arrival of the first European settlers. But as Vermont has changed, knowledge of hunting is no longer universal and some Vermonters are…

In conjunction with foodways demonstrations set up by the VFC for festivals around the state, the archive includes a collection of interviews with cooks which explore the interrelationship of food, heritage, and identity. These interviews also…

This is the largest body of material in the archive, and it includes VFC folklorist Gregory Sharrow's dissertation research on the culture of farm life, research for a radio series on contemporary farm experience, research for the exhibit "Making…

This collections explores the immigration history, cultural traditions, identity, and contemporary experience of cultural groups throughout the state. Field research documented the experience of immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries…

The bulk of the hunting materials focus on deer hunting in Vermont and Maine with additional interviews on moose, bear, turkey and other game birds. The interviews include information on habitat, strategy, and technique, traditional knowledge, social…

Men pouring maple sap from a horse drawn wagon, which drains into a container in a sugarhouse.


Horses pulling sap into the sugarhouse. Man pictured in the doorway. Smoke coming from chimney. Boy pictured in front with sled. Two individuals pictured in the back, one is driving the horses, the other is carrying two buckets.
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