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In conjunction with foodways demonstrations set up by the VFC for festivals around the state, the archive includes a collection of interviews with cooks which explore the interrelationship of food, heritage, and identity. These interviews also…

Nov 1986 at Winooski Sr Center with three men of French-Canadian heritage: Christmas cooperative blood sausage-making, community canning facility

March 1986 compilation of oral histories of Italian families who moved to WRJ between 1890-1940 with details on pasta-making, raising pigs and making blood sausage, fried bread, eels, Falzarano, DePalo, Filosa families, gardening, tomatoes, canning,…

1980 - summary of Burlington interviews on Greek culture including Easter food traditions, lamb's head stew, red-dyed eggs, cookies

February 1979 interview includes daily farm chores in Franklin Cty, milk sales, butter-making, sugar-smuggling during war

July 1979 interview with Barre granite sculptor of Italian heritage - grappa, wine-making, Italian celebrations, running liquor

Notes from interview(s) with Italian immigrants in Barre. Refers to picnics, stewed codfish and polenta at Christmas, Italian ices and grappa-making.

Vermont History, Jan 1960: general info on Italian immigration to Vermont with food/beverage details on planting chicory, grape vines for homemade wine, grappa, mushrooming, polenta, Italian bakeries in Barre

Two women who grew up in different Vermont towns with different religions share memories of Easter and Passover foods and rituals, including home-grown horseradish.

Includes food, recipes from Greece and memories of Easter in the old north end in the mid 1900s
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