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Green Mountain Whittlin's LIV, 28: fishing with dad on Shelburne Pond for pickerel, northern pike, northern walleye, perch, fried to eat or canned for winter chowder

story about Les Hook and Nova Kim, Vermont wildcrafters

Nov-Dec 1926 (p. 90-92) - celebration by one farmer of GMP (developed in 1878 in Charlotte) and explanation of logistics of farming it, trying to urge others to farm it.

Syrian food with descendents of Winooski mill workers

Jan-Feb 1927 (p. 136-139) - overview of commercial apple culture in VT, which started 15 years before this. Notes first orchard of any size 1819 in South Hero, 1880 Fameuse orchard in East Highgate, etc. all listed. Diff periods of apple cultivation…

Green Mountain Whittlin's LV, 18: brief anecdote about picking blackberries with horse and wagon in Springfield

First-persons memoir of butter-making in their childhoods: Pond from Richford June 11, 1986 (p. 1-5) and photos of equipment 6-7, Warden from Barnet. May 1985 (8-20)

Meat-cutting traditions and small butchers with French-Canadian and Italian heritage; includes Tourtiere recipe

Refugees and other immigrants have set up food markets to make available some of their native foods.

Vermonters of Mexican heritage share food and other traditions of Day of the Dead.
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