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Gert reflects on her passion for farming.


This is the largest body of material in the archive, and it includes VFC folklorist Gregory Sharrow's dissertation research on the culture of farm life, research for a radio series on contemporary farm experience, research for the exhibit "Making…

interview with Stanley Wilson, Derby, 1982 with detail on haying in 1930s on, p. 61-67 buttermaking

interview (1982) with Elaine Anderson of Newport details farm chores and typical food eaten on farm (p.12-15)

February 1979 interview includes daily farm chores in Franklin Cty, milk sales, butter-making, sugar-smuggling during war

Green Mountain Whittlin's LVII (2006), 37: very detailed description of food on Vermont farm (location not specified) in early 1900s: apples, butchering, baking, foraging

Story about Ben Gleason, grain farmer of Bridport with sidebar on history of Vermont grain-growing

Story on Duclos-Thompson Farm where Tom Duclos, who grew up nearby on a dairy farm, and now raises sheep. Includes history of sheep-farming in Vermont.

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Personal history of farming family with Finnish roots - good details on food pages 4-5, 7-8: how fed large family in Proctor VT with garden, foraging, milking/butter, home-brewed Kallia (molasses, hops, water) on page 7

A 1952 advisory bulletin on sheep-farming in Vermont with stats and details on wool market oppty (Boston biggest national market) and a little on lamb meat.
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