Hunting, fishing, and trapping


Hunting, fishing, and trapping




The bulk of the hunting materials focus on deer hunting in Vermont and Maine with additional interviews on moose, bear, turkey and other game birds. The interviews include information on habitat, strategy, and technique, traditional knowledge, social context, change across time, and environmental issues. The fishing materials document the full range of fishing in the region: from native brook trout to land-lock salmon and from catch-and-release fly fishing to commercial ice fishing. The collection also includes historic materials on the sturgeon fishery and such now outlawed practices as seine fishing. Trapping interviews include an array of information on animal habitat and behavior as well as general woods-lore, and document such related activities as hunting and harvesting ginseng. The collection also includes interviews with game wardens and hunting/fishing guides.


Vermont Folklife Center Archive


Vermont Folklife Center Archive



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