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Memoir by Green Mountain College prof about homesteading in Vermont including detail on growing/raising/making own food and importance of doing so.

Nov 1986 at Winooski Sr Center with three men of French-Canadian heritage: Christmas cooperative blood sausage-making, community canning facility

Posts/articles by former Vt secretary of agriculture about events/evolutions in Vermont's agricultural history.

Green Mountain Whittlin's LV, 18: brief anecdote about picking blackberries with horse and wagon in Springfield

Barre Ethnic Heritage Assoc. 1999 - with chronology of arrival of different groups from 1788 Yankees to 1845 Irish to 1903 Lebanese to 1916 Finns to 1950 Italians. Recipes from red borsch to tiramisu to Danish meat patties to grape-nut pudding.…

p. 95 - ice-fishing on tape but not transcribed

ch 8 - "Merinos, Morgans, Maple Syrup and Milk" (64-68) covers phases in Vt agriculture from beef to sheep to dairy. Ch 18 "Hunting" (127-131) covers deer, small game, waterfowl. Fishing (132-134) is a brief overview with some notes on best…

How to make better cave-aged Cheddar in Vermont with technical and historical perspective.

Within chapter on farm vacations: "That Dream of Home: Northern New England and the Farm Vacation Industry, 1890-1900" re types of foods the tourism bureau recommended serving, 157-162.

detail on home-brewing cider and cider vinegar from the 30s and 40s
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