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A 1950 advisory bulletin, now that 20% of Vermont families have "freezing facilities", on how to freeze, retain nutrition of frozen vegetables and varieties best to freeze.

A 1946 report of research done on daily chores of farm-wives including meal preparation, dishwashing and baking. Details on meals (p. 39-49) and baking (50-52).

A 1934 report of research done in farm kitchens where meal preparation was analyzed and recommendations made for improved processes and kitchen floor plans. With diagrams and details on typical meals.

Various references to food eaten at farms and taverns, including farmstead cheesemaking.

Within chapter on farm vacations: "That Dream of Home: Northern New England and the Farm Vacation Industry, 1890-1900" re types of foods the tourism bureau recommended serving, 157-162.

1925 - story of group who help spread the word/practice of canning with price list - vegetables, fruits, meats, jellies

p. 51-54 "what they ate" includes details on bean porridge, fish (fresh and preserved), game, root vegetables, wheat, dairy

Four-part series about one family's food cultivation and prepararation in the late 1800s with the Robinsons who lived in Ferrisburgh, where Rokeby Museum now exists. Based on journals, letters and other historical data. Includes details on Merino…

116-122 - "Adjustment to Frontier Conditions" chapter includes good food/agriculture details of late 1770s settlers/homesteaders. Detail on corn, dariy cows, hogs, venison, bear, plumping mills to grind corn before grist mills, vegetable gardens,…

How to make better cave-aged Cheddar in Vermont with technical and historical perspective.
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