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This collections explores the immigration history, cultural traditions, identity, and contemporary experience of cultural groups throughout the state. Field research documented the experience of immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries…

Refugees in Vermont magazine Nov/Dec 2001: general background on diverse refugees who have come to Vermont since the 1970s with some details on Tibetan and Vietnamese foods specifically.

Trubek shares the story of her home orchard in Cornwall, which has some plum trees similar to the varieties familiar to Bosnian immigrants to Vermont.

Family from Cameroon shares food traditions from their native land.

Asian New Year as celebrated by various Asian communities - Vietnamese, Chinese - in Vermont.

UVM students and other Vermonters of Indian heritage share food and other traditions of Diwali.

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Somali Bantu refugees share their cooking traditions, which reflect the history of their country with influences from Britain, Italy and India.

African-American Vermonters cook soul food version of Thanksgiving.

Vermonters of Mexican heritage share food and other traditions of Day of the Dead.

Immigrants to Vermont from Iran/Persia share tradition of No Ruz, spring celebration, with Sabzi Polow Bamahi (rice with fish) and other dishes.
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