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The bulk of the hunting materials focus on deer hunting in Vermont and Maine with additional interviews on moose, bear, turkey and other game birds. The interviews include information on habitat, strategy, and technique, traditional knowledge, social…

p. 95 - ice-fishing on tape but not transcribed

Green Mountain Whittlin's LIV, 28: fishing with dad on Shelburne Pond for pickerel, northern pike, northern walleye, perch, fried to eat or canned for winter chowder

ch 8 - "Merinos, Morgans, Maple Syrup and Milk" (64-68) covers phases in Vt agriculture from beef to sheep to dairy. Ch 18 "Hunting" (127-131) covers deer, small game, waterfowl. Fishing (132-134) is a brief overview with some notes on best…
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